Automation of Taxes

Executed Mahavikas project under BOOR method which includes biometric data entry, data deduplication, and establishment of data centers. Software is deployed for the effective automation of Sales Tax Department involving key modules like Dealer Information System (DIS), Returns, Assessment, Appeals, Enforcement, Forms Control and Recovery. With this, Tera is now ready to roll out the GST automation across INDIA.

Establish and maintain required data centers, IT hardware, networking components,communications and necessary site preparation. Implement and operate automation initiative of the Department of Sales Tax at all the locations. Execute the outsourced processes. Establish Helpdesk(s) for resolving queries maintenance, MahaVikas and outsourced operations. Carry out Mahavikas S/W (developed by M/s Mastek) maintenance / modification / development over the period of contract. Develop and maintain website of STD for dealers with online registration / forms, returns, payment, grievances, querying etc. facilities. Manage transition including understanding of operations, data migration, training the Department etc.

  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Assessment
  • Appeals / Legal / Tribunal
  • Enforcement
  • Forms Control
  • Package Scheme of Incentives
  • Public Grievance / Complaints
  • Rewards
  • Survey
  • LAQ: Legislative work
  • RAW: Research and Analysis Wing
  • Crosscheck (Crosscheck of one transaction of one dealer with another dealer)
  • Masters
  • Admin
  • Management Information System (MIS)