SMSBT Application provides flexible way for making banking transaction i.e., Cheques, DD and Mail Transfer at Low Investment Cost.

An enterprise application developed using State of Art technology and is designed for replacing printers and human involvement in Industrial Control Rooms.

Power plant, Chemical plant, processing plant, fertilizer plant or petroleum plant they have SCADA or DCS system generates event. Currently these events are not yet analyzed for better plant maintenance. Further these events are not transparent to the top level management. Automatically it depends on the seriousness of event, the information is dissimilated to all concern departments through phone, fax, voice, paging and SMS without any human Intervention.

It uses SMS Protocol of Global System for Mobile Network. SMS works through a series of text messages. Once you’ve activated this service, transactions can take place by sending and receiving the information. The equipment used in this technology are Global System for Mobile (GSM) Cell Modem, SIM card from SMS Service Provider and Software Product on existing Network Node on Windows Operating System.