Governments worldwide issue various identity cards for purposes like National Population Register, Social Security, Voting, etc. The Identity Management Solutions and systems providing these cards are tailored to meet the needs of specific government departments.
Terasoft offers comprehensive biometric enrollment services to large-scale identity management projects for creating and managing a centralized national identity database and multipurpose ID cards for citizens. The system leverages biometric technology for positive identification of citizens, ensuring the secure delivery of services. This accurate identification leads to increased national security, improved service delivery, and cost savings for governments. Terasoft provides everything with a government enterprise needs, including hardware, software, project management, development, deployment, training, and support, for a fully-integrated enrollment solution.

Data collection


  • Biometric enrolment and demographic data capture of citizens
  • Secure transfer of biometric data via PKI encryption data communication
  • De-duplication of multimodal biometric data and allocation of a unique identity (UID)
  • Linking the UID with various government ID databases
  • Consolidation of government databases to resolve discrepancies
  • Creating a single, trusted, and secure database of citizens
  • Authentication system service delivery.

Terasoft provides biometric enrolment services setting up enrolment stations/centres equipped with all requisite infrastructures for the enrolment of residents. Certified and trained professionals are engaged in capturing Demographic data (KYR & KYR+), Biometric data (10 fingerprints, IRIS and photo) of the citizens and Scanning of documents related to KYR+. The data thus collected gets transmitted to the UIDAI for a process of de-duplication and allotment of the AADHAAR Number. The creation of such a national database helps in better utilization and implementation of the benefits and services under various government schemes to the right beneficiary, improves security and prevents identity fraud. We are privileged to be associated with these projects of great national importance.

Success Stories:

  • Terasoft has provided enrollment services to more than 30 million residents in various States of India under Unique ID / Aadhaar & NPR Projects.
  • Provided demographic data digitization services of around 8 million residents for the creation of NPR.
  • Provided data digitization services for more than 10 million residents under the SECC project.