The Road Transport Authority is striving to modernize and computerize the functionalities of the Dept by offering a broad spectrum of services through an online platform. The department offers services such as issuing driving licences, vehicle registration, issuing permits, tax collection, etc and other managerial functions of the transport department. It maintains a repository of information thus creating comprehensive database of various activities and connects all offices across the state using the wide area network.Terasoft leveraging Information and communication technology (ICT), designs and develops suitable front-end operations to deliver the set of services by Installation, Commissioning, Operation & Implementation of integrated cum computerized systems including Hardware & Software involving various activities. The vision of the Dept, is eventually to bring all the Transport Department services under one roof at a centralized server and Terasoft offers its extensive services to assist the Department in reaching this objective, improving accessibility and efficiency for the citizens.


By eliminating the paper-based VRCs that were vulnerable to fraud, loss, duplication, etc., the card-based VRCs / DLs were developed to make life easier for the Road Transport Department, the government, and—most importantly—the citizen.The following information is printed on the VRCs:

  • Ownership details
  • Embedded Optical Strip / Microprocessor Chip

The Vehicle Registration Certificate card (VRC) securely stores essential data related to the vehicle, including its history, registration details, and ownership information. The system enables local Police / Dept officials to obtain immediate access to information pertaining to drivers and their vehicles. By utilizing a portable reader terminal, any police or road transport officer can easily retrieve data regarding the vehicle, its owner, and pollution control certificate records. Since all information stored on the card is concurrently available in a centralized database managed by the State Transport Department, the legal status of a registered vehicle can be verified anytime.

Benefits for Society and the Government:

  • Faster issuance of vehicle registration certificates.
  • Speed recovery of traffic violation fines, taxes and registration fees.
  • Preventing illegal purchase of vehicles.
  • Reduced processing time and paperwork results in cost savings.
  • Handling the Dept processes more efficiently at state borders.
  • Address and name of the holder
  • Date of birth
  • Blood type of the owner
  • Class of vehicle
  • A picture of the licence holder
  • The date of issue and expiry of the licence
  • Signature of the owner


The driving licence has a built-in chip that permits a particular person to drive a specific type of vehicle. The microprocessor within the chip stores the image of the holder, blood group, and other driving credentials and also encodes the fingerprint and facial image of the driver securely. Additionally, the chip contains a record of the fines levied on the driver, enabling the authorities to monitor the behavior of the driver on the roads and also allows checking whether the penalties are paid in time.
Terasoft has a pool-proof system to carry out the business operations of the department with a professionally organized maintenance and logistics system combining with our expertise and proven experience over the years in the Transport segment to ensure maximum efficiency of the process. The escalation process and the timely feedback will further strengthen the operations to run smoothly in an online environment.

Success Stories:

  • Kerala FAST Project: Successfully executed Kerala FAST project (Fully Automated Services of Transport Dept) to the Motor Vehicles Department, Kerala and served the Dept for 3+ Years.


Project Highlights:

  • One of the biggest e-governance Project in KERALA in the G2C Segment.
  • Covered complete State of Kerala in 75 Locations. (RTO, SRTO, and Check Posts)
  • 1600 RTO Officers & Office Staff became Digital economy participants.
  • Citizens serviced by the project – 10,00,000 & above.


  • A.P. FAST (FMS & AMC) Project: Successfully executed A.P. FAST project (Fully Automated Services of Transport Dept) by providing Facilities Management Services (FMS) and AMC Services at all the 31 RTOs spread across the State of Andhra Pradesh for a period of 3 years.