(Total Revenue Management) (2004)

BESCOM is an Electricity supply company wholly owned by Govt. of Karnataka supplying Electricity in the 5 Districts of Karnataka. Collection of Revenue and Maintenance of customer records Happens to be a very Important Task for its different offices across the artea of its jurisdiction. In this context BESCOM is utilizing the services of TERASOFT and ECIL in Two Districts on B00 Basis.

Services offered are

Provide necessary Hand Held terminals to facilitate the billing at customer premises.
Provide necessary Desktops, Servers, UPS, Printers to facilitate the running of Revenue management software.
Provide qualified Manpower to man the services required.
Provide required stationery for bill generation and report generation.

Financial Model

Bescom will make payment on the basis of consumer data being maintained and processed per consumer on monthly Basis. Entire infrastrure is built by TERASOFT and ECIL as business partners. The project shall be managed for a period of 3 Years.