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Smart Cities & IoT Solutions

Terasoftware’s Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide innovative and advanced technology for Unified Command & Control Centers, Smart Utilities, and Security & Surveillance. Our expertise in Smart City solutions is based on successful project implementations and pilot programs covering various Smart City Elements.
At Terasoftware, we have established a model for a Unified Command Control Center that leverages an open-standards framework for emergency response and city services management. Our solution includes support for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), IoT Integration, Key Performance Indicator Dashboards, and City Administration, utilizing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for both routine operations and emergency response management, as well as cross-agency collaboration.



We adopt a partnership approach to Smart City engagements, working closely with leading technology companies to bring forward the best-in-class solutions that align with our clients’ unique business needs. Our internal team has established Smart City systems integration and managed services as core competencies to ensure successful project implementation of disparate technologies.
Our Smart City Unified Command Centre is a centralized monitoring and operations center that serves as the hub for managing the ecosystem of Smart Sensors and Controls. This advanced technology is designed to address a wide range of use cases, including incident and response management, real-time analytics, and decision support system. Using open standards, our Command & Control System can be integrated with a wide range of OEM solutions for Surveillance

Smart Cities – How IoT is Changing the Way We Live

Terasoftware’s Smart City and IoT solutions are revolutionizing the way cities are managed, making them more efficient, sustainable, and livable for citizens. Our solutions are designed to improve the delivery of public services and enhance the quality of life for residents.
By integrating various data feeds from base systems and processing the information to provide actionable insights, alerts, and notifications in near real-time, our solutions are able to optimize the operations of city services such as traffic management, electricity grid, fleet management, security, building controls, water distribution, sanitation, transit, and street lighting.
Smart City technology is being used in various ways to improve the delivery of public services. For example, our traffic management system utilizes sensors to monitor traffic and adjust the timing of lights to improve traffic flow, reducing commute times for citizens. Our fleet management solution uses GPS and real-time tracking to optimize routes and improve efficiency, which results in cost savings for the city and more reliable service for citizens. Our license plate reading technology allows for the automatic identification and tracking of vehicles, improving security and traffic management.


With the help of our Smart City technologies, citizens can now enjoy shorter commutes, improved fleet management, increased security, and a more efficient delivery of public services. Our solutions are also designed to be environmentally friendly, with features such as LED street lighting that adjusts the intensity based on outdoor conditions, and wind turbines that generate clean energy. This means that citizens can enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment.
Overall, Terasoftware’s Smart City and IoT solutions are changing lives by making cities more efficient, sustainable, and livable for citizens. By utilizing the latest technologies and approaches, we are able to provide leading-edge solutions that address the unique challenges of each city and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

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