All over the world, Utility Billing & Customer Service is designed to assist utilities to manage their revenue, customer satisfaction and business operations in an efficient manner. This is commonly used in industries such as electricity, water and gas supply, where the usage is metered. With more than two decades of experience, the solution has been continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of utilities in various locations.
The system offers a wide range of functions to help utilities manage their operations more effectively. The features include:

  • Billing and revenue management with accurate billing, revenue recovery, and dispute resolution.
  • Customer service and engagement such as mobile app integration, customer self-service portals and complaint management.
  • Contract administration, metre data management, and demand-side management tools to manage commercial operations of utilities.
  • Sophisticated analytics and reporting features allowing utilities understand their operations and take wise decisions.


Terasoft offerings:

  • Customised Total Revenue Management (TRM) System that features User Management, Meter Reading & Billing, Cash Collection, Revenue accounting, Energy Audit, Back Office operations and maintenance of the system.
  • Spot Billing System (SBS) that features meter reading, data validation, bill generation and distribution, payments, reconciliation & reporting
  • In recent times, mobile solutions are being provided for spot billing system, enabling meter readers to capture and transmit meter readings in real-time, reducing the chances of errors and improving the efficiency of the process.
  • Terasoft possess unmatched expertise in managing utility customers’ metering, billing, and payment collection services, cash collection counters, mobile collection vans and so on.

Field Services:

Terasoft has designed, developed and implemented its own Customized Application Software for Geographical area road maps of the circle, including GIS Mapping, Documentation and Indexing of the consumers (pole-to-pole survey) detecting unbilled, wrongly billed and unmetered consumers and GIS Mapping of the consumers connected through LT / HT line to Sub-Station as per the electrical line network diagram (Feeder to transformer to pole to meter). Substation is interlinked with power generation & Utility management software by using GPS system which is a high-end 3-Tier Architecture Technology. Field survey and GIS mapping services guarantee accurate geospatial inventory of consumers, assets, and their locations on the distribution network, assisting utilities in making better supply, maintenance, and expansion decisions.


Terasoft also offers Smart Metering services establishing smart metering network duly utilizing the communication infrastructure of various networks like FiberGrid network and so on. Terasoft has designed, developed and implemented customised application software and deployed Interceptors to convert present digital (IrDA) meters into smart meters for data collection and billing of meters. Smart metre data is utilised to lower costs, increase energy efficiency, and facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources.
By offering accurate billing, revenue recovery, and analytics, Terasoft Utility Billing & Customer Services solutions are intended to facilitate Utilities reduce their revenue losses, guarantee customer satisfaction and assist utilities in managing their revenue stream more effectively and efficiently.

Success Stories:

  • Terasoft serves more than 10 million consumers in various DISCOMS such as BESCOM, WBSEDCL, APEPDCL, MPMKVVCL, DGVCL, DVVNL & PVVNL across various States of India.