Delivery Spectrum

  • The core technical team has been with Terasoft since the company was founded. This enables us to constantly improve our solutions and seamlessly integrate new trends and market developments in our technology.
  • Quality requires qualification. This is why continuous training is so important to our staff and us.
  • Quality requires a wealth of ideas. We invite all our employees and partners to show their ideas and encourage them to exchange experiences and make suggestions for ‘improve’ ourselves.

We advice customers from the very beginning though the project conception, realization and introduction of their integrated solutions.

  • Requirement analysis and feasability studies
  • Requirement specifications and conceptions
  • Project Managed
  • Customization
  • Quality assurance
  • Project Support
  • Training
  • Terasoft posses both the technical and Industry experience. Our motivated staff has excellent domain knowledge of our customers business and their processes.
  • We deal with our clients professionally and efficiently .
  • Cut Project Implementation time and costs by a Min. of 30%
  • Access a talent pool of 900+ IT professionals with extensive skill set and experience.
  • Leverage Terasoft’s Intellectual Capital of a decade in E-Governance and System Integration.
  • Rely on ISO 9000 methodology to ensure both the efficiencies of business process and quality of solutions delivered.