Tera Software Achievements:

  • First Company to implement the largest Aerial FiberGrid Network in India
  • Deployed the largest number of GPON OLTs (2445 Nos.) in a single network in India
  • Deployed 3.6 Lakhs ONTs (GPON & IPTV boxes) in A.P. Fiber Network
  • Integration of 4000 Nos. of Public Wi-Fi Access Points with the existing A.P. Fiber Network
  • Provided Last Mile Connectivity to 2500 sites (Govt. Schools / Colleges / GP Offices)
  • One of the top 4 Enrolment Agencies to generate Aadhaar to more than 1.5 Cr population
  • First company to set up Permanent Aadhaar Enrolment Centers
  • Served Maharashtra Sales Tax Dept and Karnataka Registration & Stamps Dept for more than a decade