Role and Scope of work

The department of Registration & Stamps in Karnataka stepped into the e-Governance through its KAVERI project to ensure that the department will be one of the best e-governed departments. It helps to change the vision to CITIZEN-CENTRIC and re orient itself to serve the citizens of Karnataka with world-class quality service wherein it is aimed at returning the documents duly registered within thirty minutes. It enables the inspector General of Registration (IGR&CS) office in the state of Karnataka to totally change the face of the department to meet the challenge of the 21st century through the business process re engineering on the principle of public- private participation.

This is the first department in Karnataka, especially a regulatory and tax collecting one, which totally operates on the principle of public- private participation. This KAVERI project reaches 40 million citizens of the state who visit for registration without a digital divide covering all the rural and urban areas of the state. Thus it is going to be an e-Governance project wherein the COMMON MAN is going to get the highest benefits of the information technology, which will help in eliminating corruption, bringing transparency and total accountability. Every citizen entered for a land registration will be serviced in 21 minutes with registration and delivery of document. Terasoft achieved this for last two years and rated as best implemented project established in 4 months.

Role and Scope of work:

It is perceived that it will be the responsibility of the agency i.e. ECIL & its consortium partner Tera Software Limited to:

  • Provide the entire requisite Hardware and Peripherals to meet the desired service standards.
  • Deploy all the Hardware to various locations; ensure installation & commissioning of the setup.
  • Maintain the Hardware regularly up to pre-determined standards.
  • Provide anti virus kits.
  • Keep the set up at all the locations functional and operational.
  • Install all the requisite software at various locations and provide for software up gradation whenever necessary.
  • Furniture as per standard design and layout.
  • Consumables as per the requirement.
  • Provide for electronic Token display system
  • Provide foe telephone lines wherever required.
  • It is the responsibility of the agency to transfer the data on daily basis t the district server/ server in the IGR’s office.
  • Provide electric cabling & make power arrangement
  • Preparation of site/ computer room
  • Install kiosks
  • Assist the departmental staff to handle Help desk
  • Provide two operators per sub registrar office/ unit.
  • Provide one operator per district Registrar office.
  • Provide adequate technical support team
  • Provide UPS and Generator backup in case of power failure.
  • Develop website for transactions over the Internet Operations: